Seem ineffective in today’s times, where all the kids are popping videos like candy-cane tasty treats.

Video, it seems to be the future. For the kids are getting dumber and dumber, happier and happier, becoming one with their personal media devices that allow them a little slice of their own little piece of peace.

Does this mean that I shall turn my back on the things that once brought me so much happiness? Are words the newest fossils? One day, will we all be a silent civilization, letting the images in our iThoughts broadcast out into the nothingness of YouTube?

Am I the future? God, how I pity the future generations. All of the future is centered up and around me, this little kid man, with no clear understanding of himself. But it’s me that’s going to shape the future. Whatever I make, well all of those future hipsters will take it and play like I am them, just like I take my heroes and take them and play like I am them.

Welcome to the revolution of media. Meet your guide, David Gwaltney. He’s a nice fellow with an inner beauty that most others wish to cover up. David’s not really sure why he’s showing you this side, but he knows, ultimately, it is for the best of this world, this virtual landscape of digibits and zerozeros.

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